South Florida Condominium Roofing

South Florida Condominium Roofing



Florida Quality Roofing was contracted to re-roof the shingle portion of four three story South Florida Condominium Roofing (approx. 320 Squares) for Emerald Hills Country Club Condominiums. This South Florida Condominium Roofing project was a great example of our attention to detail, prior to accepting our proposal, The Board of Directors received many estimates with varying recommendations. However, surprisingly our proposal stood out more for for what we would not do than what we would.

Improper Drip-Edge Installation By Previous Contractor Leads to Premature Roof Failure at this South Florida Condominium Roofing

Upon our inspection of the aged out shingle roofs we became aware of their very poor condition despite only  serving 15 years of their 20 year lifespan. A deterioration which was accelerated by an installation of an inverted drip-edge to prevent water from going over the balconies. The previous roofing contractor installed this inverted drip edge immediately after the shingles were installed 15 years ago. As a result the shingle roofs failed prematurely.

South Florida Condominium Roofing
South Florida Condominium Roofing

Surprisingly our proposal was the only one to address the issue and recommend that they DO NOT install this inverted drip-edge for three important reasons:

  1. It would void the manufacturer’s warranty on the newly installed shingle roofs
  2. And most importantly – the new roofs would inevitably fail prematurely as the old roofs did
  3. Last, it is simply bad roofing practice, a roof is meant to shed water, these inverted drip-edges were collecting water on the roof that was meant to run off.

A better and proven alternative to this issue is to install gutters.

As the only contractor to explain this to The Board of Directors, we were awarded the contract and resumed to install a beautiful new shingle roof without any drip-edges.

Florida Condominium Roofing Experts

From experience, anytime we work on a Florida condominium roofing project, we are well aware of the environment and what it takes to make the project successful:

  • To be the least disruptive
  • Keep all safety procedures above standards
  • Be on top of every detail
  • Advise tenants of possible hazards
  • And above all, have excellent project management

Do you have a condominium roofing project you would like our expertise on? We’d love to help you find the right solution for your roof and project!

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