Miami Commercial Reflective Cool Roof

Florida Quality Roofing was contracted to re-roof two Miami Commercial Reflective Cool Roof buildings near the downtown Miami area in early 2013. We installed an energy star commercial reflective cool roof system which helped the owners receive FPL rebates and save on future energy costs by as much as 30%. This Miami Commercial Reflective Cool Roof CertainTeed CoolStar roofing system exceeds Energy Star standards by reflecting 70% of the radiation away from the surface. This cool roofing technology keeps this roof up to 50-60 degrees cooler than a conventional roof.

Here’s how a Miami Commercial Reflective Cool Roof works:

Miami Commercial Reflective Cool Roof 1
Miami Commercial Reflective Cool Roof 2 Miami Commercial Reflective Cool Roof 3

Florida Quality Roofing understands the extreme conditions most Miami roofs endure and we can provide real solutions for commercial reflective cool roof properties. Solutions that may help with reducing energy costs and may have instant savings through rebates. As stated on FPL’s website.

“Through its Roof Incentives program, FPL helps you pay for exterior improvements that reduce energy costs. These commercial reflective cool roof upgrades also create a more comfortable environment for employees and customers, while preserving your equipment and surroundings. Plus, they protect your building from energy loss, water leaks and physical damage.”

As an FPL Participating Independent Contractor we can evaluate your roof and help determine the best solution for your roofing needs.

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This project was recently featured on September issue of Roofing Contractor Magazine for our continued work with energy efficient roofing systems.  In this case we installed a CertainTeed Coolstar roof as part of a whole building envelope restoration for Highland Apartments in Downtown Miami.

Miami Commercial Reflective Cool Roof 4

Roofing Contractor is the premier industry publication written specifically for the contractor. An independent magazine,Roofing Contractor’s bold, concise and timely editorial addresses issues critical to contractors and provides the information and insights that help contractors succeed. Our editorial reaches a national audience and covers all aspects of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional roofing. Source: Roofing Contractor

Check out another featured project:

Miami Commercial Reflective Cool Roof 5


A “Built-up Roof” is a multi layered system that outlasts single ply roofs.

Miami Commercial Reflective Cool Roof 6


A cool roof is one that has been designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a standard roof.

Miami Commercial Reflective Cool Roof 7


Commercial Warranty covers leaks caused by manufacturer defects in products and/or workmanship.

Miami Commercial Reflective Cool Roof 8


Energy Star is a label given to material that has qualified for an Energy Star rating. In roofing, this rating is given to products that save a measurable amount of energy, which in turn saves consumers money on their energy bills.


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