Pompano Beach Condominium Roofing

Pompano Beach Condominium Roofing



We’re so excited to showcase this beautiful before and after transformation, we completed this Pompano Beach condominium roofing project on January of 2021. We were initially contacted by the Board members of this Pompano Beach Condominium back in November of 2019. As most condominium projects, they usually take time to prepare for such a large and intrusive roofing project. 

Our process with condominium boards is designed to make sure that we are the best fit for their needs. During our first conversation  we set the expectations of what is involved. This is especially important since most board members are volunteers and usually they are expected to know a little of everything that their building needs, hence, our approach makes the re-roofing endeavor as smooth as possible.  

After the initial phone conversation, we set-up an in person meeting to further discuss their needs. This meeting is a client needs assessment and a thermometer of sorts. We met with as many Board members as possible at their outdoor pool location. Since this was where the existing Pompano Beach Condominium roofing system will be inspected and we gathered as much information as possible. Such as, how many units, floors, access points, parking, etc. All of the important information for us to properly prepare our Pompano Beach Condominium roofing proposal. 

Then, we set-up a second meeting to go over our proposal for the Pompano Beach condominium roofing. At this meeting, German and Stella (owners of Florida Quality Roofing) attended together to present the options to the board who all gathered to both listen carefully and ask questions. The latter was one of the things that set us apart, the Board for this Pompano Beach Condominium roofing project was happy to have the ability to ask all necessary questions and concerns. 

In the end, we met several more times to narrow down the specifics. We started the Pompano Beach Condominium Roofing Project in October of 2020 and successfully completed it January of 2021. The Pompano Beach condominium roof president wrote a google review:

“We had 4 estimates before choosing Florida Quality Roofing for re-roofing Ibiza Condominium Association buildings. We are glad that we selected the right company.
Stella, German and the crew are very professional. They did everything as promised and more.
We were very well informed about the project since the beginning, starting with the first presentation until the end. We received emails with pictures and videos of every stage of the project and they were promptly always available for any questions or concerns we had.
They worked with professionalism, efficiency and quality. We highly recommend them.
Board of Directors of Ibiza Condominium Association”

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