Florida Roofing Company On Hurricanes

2007hurricane_500Every year around this time, we’re inundated with all kinds of hurricane season guides, interviews, expert analysis, and blogs like this one. As Florida roofing company we also get an added bonus statement/question: you must love hurricanes, right?

It’s with this in mind that we wanted to set the record straight, at Florida Quality Roofing we don’t like hurricanes.

There, I said it, now let me explain.

As a professional Florida roofing company who operates in this state since 2002 – we’ve been around a few storms and here’s what we’ve experienced:

  • Hurricanes are devastating, disruptive and chaotic 
  • Storm chasing roofers swarm our cities, which normally results in bad press for the entire roofing profession
  • There are supply shortages, specifically roofing materials
  • Everyone has an emergency and it’s impossible to get to EVERYONE

There’s so much more that happens after a storm, but you’re smart and get the gist of it.And don’t get me wrong, there are companies that wait for a storm to come…we’re just not one of them. 

On the contrary at FQR we’ve built our business one customer at a time

Earning each job by giving excellent service and helping customers choose the right roof for their property. And if the inevitable happens this year and we do get a storm, rest assured: 

You are always our first priority!



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