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Florida Quality Roofing was contacted by a group of Architects from Connecticut to provide a proposal for a clean roofing system for a very particular client with a mansion in Indian Creek.  We proposed and installed a CertainTeed Self Adhered Modified Bitumen roofing system with tapered insulation for proper drainage.  Self-adhered means no roofing kettle, no asphalt fumes, no roofing cement bleed out, in other words a cleaner and greener solution.

Tapered insulation is the one of the best ways to correct improper drainage, which is the primary cause of roof leaks and premature roofing system failure. By sloping the roofing to the drains with insulation, not only are we solving the drainage problem but naturally also proving additional insulation, which we can use.

Florida quality roofing has become a leader in providing energy efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for all types of properties and budgets. Our priority is to always give solutions that are improving the property, the client and the surrounding environment. which is a more holistic approach to roofing, and we are very proud of that.

As previously mentioned, a self adhered SBS Modified Bitumen 3-ply roofing system offers many advantages:

  • No torches
  • No hot asphalt
  • No fumes
  • No mess

All which means application is much cleaner and faster. These advantages are even more amazing considering the long system life you can expect.

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Indian Creek Roof 3


A “Built-Up Roof” is a multi layered system that outlasts single ply roofs.

Indian Creek Roof 4


A cool roof is one that has been designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a standard roof.

Indian Creek Roof 5


Application is much cleaner and fasterNo torches, No hot asphalt, No fumes, No mess.

Indian Creek Roof 6


Warranties may be transferred should the property be sold.


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