Silicone Roof Coating

Silicone Roof Coating Restoration

At Florida Quality Roofing we only recommend and install roofing products that exceed minimum building requirements. We have a very strong commitment to provide environmentally sustainable solutions – leading in our industry with energy efficient roofing systems such as silicone roof coatings.

A silicone roof coating is a the top of our list for sustainability.

Silicone roof coating adheres to just about everything – it can be installed over concrete, wood, steel, metal and most existing roof systems, which saves on the expense of roof removal and landfill fees. Silicone is a great alternative to re-roofing, instead it is often considered a restoration.

Silicone Roof Coating Features and Benefits

  • 20 + years history and experience – proven longevity and performance
  • Completely seamless systems – no openings, no weak seams
  • Penetrating fasteners are not required – thousands of holes, not put in your roof deck
  • Recoating program – sustainable roofing system – renewable
  • Superior insulation, approx. R – 6.4 per inch – energy efficient
  • No ballast – very lightweight
  • Self-flashing – simple and efficient roof detailing
  • Totally adhered – excellent wind resistance
  • Controls expansion and contraction – excellent as a recover system
  • No fasteners – no thermal bridging
  • Monolithic insulation, no gaps – reduces conditioned air loses
  • Existing roof removal not required – reduces waste, preserves building protection
  • Energy Star® systems available – cool roofing, insulated roofing, environmental benefits
  • UL, FM, CRRC, Title 24, Miami-Dade County – rated and approved systems.
  • Qualifies for LEED credits

Silicone Roof Coating vs. Acrylic Roof Coating

Silicone Roof Coating

  • Inorganic material – not affected by the elements 
  • Uses moisture in the atmosphere to cure the coating 
  • Tack-free time approx. 1 hour 
  • Theoretical gallons per square =1.81 
  • Excellent chemical resistance 
  • Underwriters Laboratory approved over any listed single-ply 
  • CRRC, Energy Star, Miami-Dade Co., and State of Florida listed 
  • Can apply up to 1 hour before rain 
  • Low temperature application possible 
  • Liquid / cured coating more accepting of temperature extremes 
  • Withstands incidental ponding-water conditions 

Acrylic Roof Coating

  • Organic material – will weather and erode away over time
  • Theoretical gallons per square = 2.5
  • Poor chemical resistance
  • Cannot apply when rain is imminent
  • Cannot apply when temperature will drop below 50ºF within 4-6 hours
  • Cannot apply when relative humidity is above 85%
  • Cannot apply late in day because of dew point and condensation
  • Not stable under ponding-water conditions

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