Stella Amador’s Journey

October 21, 2016 2:40 pm

life-is-too-precious-to-spend-it-writing-tame-conventional-stories-to-which-you-have-no-personal-attachment-tom-spanbauer-1I often joke that my epitaph will read “she gave 150% percent”.

After working at a law firm building someone else’s dreams for several years, I realized I was giving too much of myself. Soon after that realization, I made the decision to move to the other side of the world, take a break and “stop and smell the roses” or in my case, stop and pet the kangaroos.

What I did not foresee is that I was pressuring myself into finding that great thing that would make me happy. We’ve all been there, what do you want to do? What is your dream? etc.

After a lot of soul searching, I had an epiphany…I can do anything…and I have too many things I want to do, but the common thread was that I wanted to do them for myself and not for someone else. Knowing that, was half the battle.

Soon after coming back home, I was extremely fortunate that my childhood friend (German) offered me a partnership to rebuild and expand a roofing business we could be proud of.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, and I thought of it too…what did I know about roofing…?

Not a single thing. Yet, I knew German to be extremely knowledgeable and most importantly, I trusted him. I was also curious on how I could utilize my experience and background to accomplish our goals in the incredibly saturated Florida roofing market.

I said, I’ll give it three months.

And now, as I celebrate my five year anniversary as VP and co-owner of Florida Quality Roofing, I am humbled on how far we’ve come and you can be certain that no matter where we are, five, ten years from now, I am always going to give it my all (and yes, all 150% of me).

Stella Amador