Project - Tampa Bay Condominium Silicone Roof Restoration

Tampa Bay Condominium Silicone Roof Restoration

This Tampa Bay Condominium Silicone Roof Restoration is a great example of how successful a silicone restoration can be both cost effective and energy efficient. In addition, this project was selected as a First Place winner in the 2016 Spotlight Trophy for the Advancement of Roofing Awards (S.T.A.R.) in the Unique category.

S.T.A.R.—Spotlight Trophy for the Advancement of Roofing is an awards program designed by the Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association (FRSA) to recognize members’ unique and outstanding projects completed in the state of Florida.

Here’s what makes this Tampa Bay Condominium Silicone Roof Restoration project challenging, unique and award worthy:

  1. The property is located next to the Gulf of Mexico in Indian Shores and there is a lot of wind.
  2. There are ponding water areas.
  3. There is no parapet wall which creates a safety hazard.
  4. The roof experiences high foot traffic by other tradesmen and there is no onsite personnel to escort AC and tradesmen.

In order to ensure the success of this Tampa Bay Condominium Silicone Roof Restoration project we would need to take additional measures:

  1. A silicone roof restoration is a better option because it withstands ponding water (versus acrylic coatings)
  2. The best option is to roll the silicone rather than spray it to prevent over spray due to high winds on an 8 story building in front of the ocean.
  3. We recommended they control roof access by placing a lock on the door, creating a log, adding warning signs and create a walk path to designate walk-able areas for tradesmen to prevent both roof damage and for safety.


  1. All vehicles near the building were asked to move.
  2. We rolled on the silicone product rather than spray it to prevent over spray.
  3. Safety is our top priority: A four foot warning line was established along the perimeter of the roof and a Florida Quality Roofing safety monitor was on site to ensure the safety of our workers at all times. The safety monitor ensured all OSHA guidelines were followed as well as manufacturer’s Materials Safety Guidelines which is found on the Material Safety Data Sheet of the product we were applying.

In essence, through the silicone roof coating restoration the roof was restored and Florida Quality Roofing along with The Henry Company gave Gulf Shores Condominium an additional 15 more useful protective years, in which the buildings will also benefit from a cooler, more energy-efficient environment.

A 15 year maintenance agreement was also part of the contract to uphold Henry’s Gold Seal Warranty.

Client Testimonial

Gulf Shores Association found itself in serious need of a new roof this past year. The cost of replacing our traditional roof with the same was going to be seriously expensive. Therefore, our building committee decided to see if an alternative, less costly solution was available. We became aware of the roof coating processes that appeared to be a quality, less costly altemative solution to redoing what we had. Our building committee identified nine companies that appeared to offer the type of roof coating we were considering. After contacting these companies, we selected four that we wanted to have face to face discussions with. FQR was one of these. When we contacted FQR for the first time to arrange a meeting, we were surprised when they told us that they would not visit the site to see the condition of the existing roof until we had amoisture survey completed. They wanted to know exactly what they needed to do to ensure the work they would be doing would truly have a quality outcome for us. Other contractors that we contacted did not mention this study. This study turned out to be a very good investment for us; it showed the vast majority of the roof to be in very sound shape but did identifu an areathat needed some structural work. Now we have a solid basis for our warcarfiy on the roof. After this survey was completed we met with FQR on site for their professionally prepared presentation. It contained company history, type of product to be applied, samples of the product, spec sheets, photos of completed projects, licenses and insurance policies, the warrantee policy, references and a copy of the moisture inspection. FQR spent the afternoon with us to answer any questions and concerns that we had. The reason Gulf Shores Association chose FQR for its roofing project was because of their incredible professionalism, approach to detail, as well as their competitive pricing. The project was completed with the same professionalism and quality from start to finish as per their company name FLORIDA QUALITY ROOFING. Both the Board of Directors and owners of Gulf Shores Association are pleased beyond expectations with the new roof we have.

- Ray Poland, Treasurer and Past President