Project - Miami Custom Metal Roof Project

Miami Custom Metal Roof Project

Miami Custom Metal Roof Project

Florida Quality Roofing was contracted to re-roof this Miami custom metal roof project. The original roof was a domestic concrete tile and we installed a new 1.5″ standing seam Miami custom metal roof project. In addition, the low slope or flat roof was replaced with a built-up tapered roof to allow the water to flow off the roof.

This Miami custom metal roof project is the ultimate custom roof, the metal panels are delivered on site, our metal craftsmen then proceed to cut each panel to the roofs specifications.

As a premier metal roof installation specialist we serve the entire South Florida Market in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and surrounding areas. Florida Quality Roofing was able to provide him with a 50 year manufacturer warranty on his new Miami custom metal roof project.

Metal roofs are known for their unique aesthetics, however, they also have many practical advantages. metal roofs are becoming more common in the residential roofing industry overall.

Do you know the many advantages of a metal roof?

  • Energy Efficiency: high reflectivity keeping building cooler, using less AC
  • Long Lasting: 50 year material warranty
  • Sustainability: less landfill waste due to life of material and recycling of metal
  • Curb Appeal: research indicates that properties with metal roofs sell faster and at higher pricing.
  • Hurricane Safety: It can sustain the highest wind velocity
  • Insurance discounts: Because of the wind sustainability, most insurance companies will provide higher discounts when you have a metal roof.

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Client Testimonial

We are so happy we chose to work with Florida Quality, they went out of their way to make sure everything was executed to our liking. It's very hard to find good companies, and they are very good at what they do. Highly recommend.

- -Homeowner